InventoryBase Academy NSPCC Safeguarding Awareness Course


The InventoryBase Academy NSPCC Safeguarding Awareness Course is aimed at property professionals as you are constantly visiting properties as part of your role.

This includes interim property visits where children/young persons may be resident, which in turn means you are well placed to spot emerging safeguarding concerns including potential neglect or abuse in the home.


As inventory clerks/professionals; completing InventoryBase Academy NSPCC Safeguarding Awareness Course will help you to recognise any potential issues seen whilst visiting the property. With the support and advice of NSPCC Learning; our aim is to ensure that you are supported so that you feel confident when reporting any concerns.

NSPCC Learning 

In line with NSPCC learning objectives; the awareness course will provide:

  • a thorough explanation and understanding of what safeguarding is and how it relates to the inventory providers role
  • how to recognise signs of abuse and neglect
  • how to report your concerns to the relevant authorities
  • provide an understanding of how to develop policies and procedures including an example policy statement
  • useful links and further support / guidance

Why undertake Inventory Base Academy NSPCC Learning?

As a charity, the NSPCC works hard to keep children and young people safe from abuse and neglect every day. By completing this awareness course you are supporting the important and vital work that they do.

You will gain an understanding of how to manage situations where you think child neglect or abuse may be happening at the property when you are making your interim property visits/inspections.

You will be able to showcase to potential new clients and existing landlords and letting agents how seriously you take your responsibilities as a service provider.

And by undertaking awareness training with InventoryBase Academy and NSPCC Learning, you are not only encouraging best practice but ensuring that the industry as a whole recognises your role as a professional inventory/service provider.

Enrol with InventoryBase Academy You can complete the course at your own pace and in your own timeYou can revisit the course at any time to refresh your awareness training and understandingYou will gain confidence when dealing with tenants, children/young persons


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