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Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is now more widely recognised and undertaken by most individuals and professionals across all types of business, training and retail sectors.

What does Continuous Professional Development (CPD) mean?

As employers and self employed inventory companies increasingly expect staff to take ownership of their training; CPD is a way of showcasing a continued understanding and improvement in both your role as an inventory professional and the industry you work and operate in.

Anyone who is a member of a professional body is likely to have CPD requirements laid out for them by the body, rather than by their employer. This is certainly true if you join Propertymark where CPD is a core component of membership.

Currently, there are over 2,000 professional bodies, institutes and membership associations nationally in the UK. They represent all industries and professions, and all have CPD policies or CPD schemes.

Those sectors already embracing CPD include those that are formally regulated – such as the Solicitors Regulation Authority, RICS, NHS or Financial Conduct Authority.  Regulatory bodies are established to ensure that the public receives services of the required standard, so CPD is taken very seriously. We believe the requirements of CPD are set to increase as RoPA (Regulation of Property Agents) is introduced to the estate and lettings industry.

Whilst the onus is very much on the individual to source CPD training activities that meet personal learning needs and objectives; InventoryBase Academy goes beyond just providing accredited courses. Blogs, podcasts, webinars are all part of the ongoing support, industry updates and information sharing that supports your CPD training and continued professional development.

The benefits of CPD

As an inventory provider and industry supplier; CPD helps you to keep your knowledge and skills up-to-date. It also contributes to your professional sense of direction. Completing CPD helps build confidence and credibility and allows you to showcase your achievements to your client base and equips you with the tools to cope positively with change.

CPD also demonstrates your learning agility and in real terms, this means that CPD contributes to achieving higher earning potential as you are seen as a ‘subject matter expert’ in the housing industry and property sector.

Credibility is key to our role as professional inventory providers and industry suppliers

CPD also helps to ensure that standards across the industry are both established, supported and remain consistent. CPD also promotes greater work engagement and commitment to the role of a professional industry supplier and provides a useful benchmark for the industry as a whole.

Why choose Inventory Base Academy for your CPD training?

If you choose to become accredited by InventoryBase Academy, supported by CPD Standards Office you will be taking a significant step towards both your personal improvement and business activities.

CPD accreditation is evidence-based training that is continually evolving and improving. Benchmarking your services will help you get one step ahead of your competitors. Showcase your commitment to clients not to just provide a quality report, but also the services that underpin your business.

As an accredited inventory provider, you are part of our InventoryBase community that has CPD at its core. 

  • Our support hub enables you to network with like minded, service focused providers across the UK and share best practice with them. 
  • Our webinars help you explore and understand the wider industry, the pressures and expectations.
  • Our podcasts offer insight into the role of the provider and how legislation is changing and improving the property industry.
  • Our blogs provide in depth understanding of the pressures and legislative changes that the industry is facing and how to navigate the fast paced world we operate in. 

CPD is not about a one off course and certificate; it is a more holistic and rounded approach to Continuous Professional Development. Show the world your skills, deliver exceptional service and exceed your clients expectations. 

Join in, learn and share your expertise

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