Homes Fit For Human Habitation


Our guidance and information template is based on the Fitness For Human Habitation (FFHH) Act 2018; incorporating known understanding and available information.


To help clerks, inventory professionals and landlords understand the components of the act we have designed a template that mirrors all 29 risk categories.

We have also developed an information table in an easy to read format that;

  • explains both the hazard and risk
  • highlights those persons deemed most vulnerable / at risk
  • what the potential issues of each risk are
  • indicates the 3 risk category options
  • offers example issues and actions

Please Note: HHSRS is a system used by Councils / Environmental Health Officers to assess risk and although the FFHH template has elements of the HHSRS the methodology for assessment is vastly different and as yet it remains unclear as to how the courts will evaluate risk and award any fines / damages so the template has been designed to ensure the user has the fields to evaluate any risk using a ‘common sense’ approach.

Please Note: This course is designed as a resource only so therefore does not include a certificate of completion.

For InventoryBase users: The template can be accessed via the Template Library

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