Evidence – Accepted list

The Tenant Deposit Scheme (TDS) has produced a very useful template to help landlords and agents identify and capture evidence for a dispute if raised.

From the point of view of inventory professionals we have rarely (if ever) been involved to any great degree with the dispute process except for submission of the inventory plus any queries from the agent or landlord to either ask for additional pictures or information relating to the property.

The main issue here is the lack of transparency from the inventory providers point of view is that we often fail to gain any real feedback except for losing or winning the dispute which again are rarely shared meaning that we miss out on any key learning opportunities and valuable feedback.

Ideally we should be involved in the process if a dispute is raised but until that point the template acts as a very helpful guide to the type of evidence the adjudicator both wants and will accept so is well worth familiarizing yourself with the required detail so that you are able to advise landlords and agents that use your services.

The key documents and evidence required by the deposit scheme adjudicator includes: 

  • Tenancy agreement 
  • Inventory / check in 
  • Inventory / check out 
  • Rent statements 
  • Invoices /estimates 

The template itself is aligned with the TDS Disputes Evidence Portal making it simple for the user to cut and paste the comments of the template into the TDS Disputes Evidence Portal when submitting the dispute.

mydeposits also have a guide for users to follow when submitting evidence and very much follows along similar lines to TDS in regards to the type of information required.