Workstreams Guidance

To aid Workstreams users applying for jobs within the network by providing helpful advice and information to promote best practice

The resource is for Workstreams users to help support and manage your account.

The information includes:

  • Workstreams User Guidance Manual
  • Workstreams FAQ

Guidance Addendums for:

  • Workstreams Profiles - Sample Reports
  • Additional Buyer / Supplier Information

Policy documents for:

  • GPDR
  • Complaints
  • Bid and Offer Submissions
  • Engagement
  • Profiles
  • Personal Safety - Lone Working

Guidance for:

COVID-19 - Secure working practices for Supplier / Buyer

As we roll out the Worsktreams initiative please refer back to this resource for any updates, news and additional advice and guidance.

Please Note: Access to this resource will only be available once you have signed up to and been accepted as a Workstreams user.

Please contact [email protected] or call 0330 013 0305 for further information

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Sián Hemming-Metcalfe
Sián Hemming-Metcalfe

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to the resource?
The resource is available to all signed up Workstreams users 24/7!
How will I know if the resource is added to or updated?
We will send out monthly updates with useful information and TopTips to help you manage your Workstreams account.
What if I need additional help with Workstreams?
Here at InventoryBase Academy we are all about supporting your learning so if you need a bit of help email us at [email protected]

This course is closed for enrollment.