Dictate like no one’s watching

One of the key benefits many inventory professionals like about the role is the fact that you mostly work alone.

This means you can ‘be yourself’ and compile reports in a way that suits you best so don’t be afraid of expressing yourself at the property as you learn to dictate.

Relax – clear your mind, think about what you want to say and the words will come.

Don’t rush – the more you rush the more actual time it takes as you will find yourself stumbling and having to go back over your descriptions.

Point – use your free hand to point at the items and conditions being described as you will find this helps with developing your ‘muscle memory’ of what to say and how to phrase condition issues.

Pause – take a moment to think about what it is you are saying but don’t forget to pause the recording so that you are not charged for ‘white noise’.

Review – take a look around each room / area before you leave; have you captured everything, have you forgotten anything.

Rewind – playback the audio if unsure or record a new file so you can use the dictation to check against your pictures or notes when back at your desk.

More is less – the more experienced you become the more concise and cost effective your dictation will be so don’t worry if your initial audio’s appear lengthy; practice will help you hone your dictation skills and decrease your audio time.