Workstreams FAQ

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What is InventoryBase Workstreams?

Workstreams is a new module provided by InventoryBase that enables anyone to outsource property visits like inventory/check out reports to local and experienced suppliers vetted by InventoryBase.

How does a supplier sign up to Workstreams?

You need to subscribe to an InventoryBase account to join Workstreams.

From your InventoryBase Dashboard you can apply to join Workstreams from your account Settings page when we open up applications.

You will need to fill out some information to be able to be approved on the Network.  

What are the requirements for becoming an approved supplier?

To complete your Workstreams Application, you will need:

  • Contact details
  • Company details, type and number (if applicable)
  • VAT Registration no (if applicable)
  • Insurance Policy Documents
  • Any Awards, Accreditations or Certifications
  • Any Associations & Affiliations
  • Privacy policy and GDPR compliance statement
  • Subscribed areas
  • Subscribed report types
  • Pricing for each report type / property size / furnishing level
  • An example report (produced by you within InventoryBase) for each report type you want to subscribe to

How does a supplier receive jobs through Workstreams?

Once a supplier has uploaded all their required information and been vetted and approved, they will be opted into job alerts for their selected services falling within their catchment area.

You will see incoming job offers by email, and on your Dashboard, as well as your Inspections List and Calendars; You can dismiss/decline Job Offers or you can Accept/Bid for them.

If approved, the Workstream will be created between you and the ordering party, and you will be required to complete that report successfully within a reasonable / agreed time frame.

Can I choose to have my branding on the report?

When booking; the buyer can choose whether they want the report to use your branded report (logo / colour scheme and template choice) or can opt for ‘white label’ which means they set the template type etc.

If the buyer chooses your template then they are unable to edit the report and will ask for any changes or revisions by returning the report to you with their requests or queries.

If the buyer chooses the white label option; they will be able to access and edit the report but with the clear understanding that they then cannot send the report back to you (the supplier).

How does a supplier get paid for jobs through Workstreams?

When an offered job is agreed by both parties, the ordering party will be required to pay the fee for the report in full prior to the Workstream being activated. This will hold the buyers funds until the report has been delivered, at which point the buyer can approve the release of funds to you.

Once approved, payments will be made 14 days in arrears and deposited directly into your designated bank account, minus any transaction fees, every 14 days.

What are the costs for getting paid through InventoryBase Workstreams?

When the client makes an order, we charge them 5% of the total value of the order + 25p, on top of your fee. This is clearly labelled to the client as a Transaction fee, for providing the Workstream to the client.

When payments are released to you, InventoryBase will deduct 5% + 25p from the total amount deposited to you. This is our fee to you for providing the transaction and collecting the money.

You may opt for Clients to pay the full 10% fee + 25p, however this may affect buyers decisions to purchase from you.

You may also opt to absorb the full 10% fee + 25p, in this instance, the customer will only pay your price, and we will deduct 10% + 25p from the total amount deposited to you. This may attract more buyers to purchase from you.

Will VAT be charged / collected on my payments?

Only if you are VAT registered. InventoryBase will always charge VAT on the transaction cost (5% + 25p + VAT), but if you are not VAT registered then InventoryBase will not add VAT on to the total amount collected on your behalf.

If you are VAT registered InventoryBase will collect the VAT and deposit the total amount to you inclusive of VAT (minus our Transaction fee).

The Transaction fee is calculated on the total amount of the order Excluding VAT.

Can suppliers charge whatever they want for a report?

Yes, however bids are encouraged to be within a range. To protect the market and maintain an expected level of quality, InventoryBase will not allow suppliers to offer prices that fall more than 10% below the standard market value for your catchment area. These price limits are determined by a collective average range across all accounts within your region.

What happens if there’s a dispute?

InventoryBase Workstreams allows buyers and suppliers to communicate directly and resolve any issues. Should mediation be required, all payments will be frozen and InventoryBase will review the Workstreams history to determine whether funds should be released or not. Both parties will be given a chance to correct/ratify the situation. If an amicable resolution cannot be found, funds can be refunded (minus any transaction fees) or buyers can simply leave a negative review for the supplier.

Further guidance on complaints procedures and refund policies will be provided upon completion of your application.

How will reviews work?

When a Workstream is completed and all deliverables exchanged, the buyer will be able to leave a review for the report provider. Reviews will be based on 3 scoring categories, each out of 5 stars with an overall rating score.

Scores based on X reviews:

Professionalism                   ★★★★☆

Quality of Report                  ★★★★☆

Speed of Delivery                ★★★★☆

Overall Satisfaction            ★★★★☆

What happens if I get a negative review?

InventoryBase will allow replies to negative ratings so you can create a positive public response to any criticism and future clients will see both sides of the story.

Users that continue to receive negative feedback and fall below a certain standard may be subject to investigation by InventoryBase staff to review ongoing inclusion in the network.

We aim to keep a level of professionalism and quality offered to all clients through the Workstreams network at all times.

What happens if I work for a client then they request me to work exclusively by becoming their preferred supplier?

We encourage users to continue to do business through Workstreams, to benefit from guaranteed payments, mediation on disputes, protection and also increased ratings and rankings within the Workstreams Network. There will also be jobs coming in that are at requested at national level and therefore it may not be possible for buyers to work individually with many suppliers directly, we aim to open up more opportunity to you in a growing national market.

For local job providers working with local suppliers, there is no obligation to remain doing business through the Workstreams network long term, however know that buyers will be able to select preferred suppliers once relationships have been made, making it easier for you to receive ongoing jobs from a particular buyer without leaving the protection of the Workstreams Network.

For direct client/supplier relationships created as a result of a Workstreams introduction, you can choose to use InventoryBase’s Transactions module to collect payments either manually or automatically from your new client, or invoice them directly without any fees incurred from InventoryBase.

Users who are seen to be abusing this service will be suspended and investigated and may be permanently removed from accessing the Network.

When will Workstreams launch in my area?  

InventoryBase Workstreams soft launched in Summer 2019. Full UK rollout is expected between October and December. Your location will determine the volume of bids you receive, however we ask for your patience as more and more buyers submit more and more jobs throughout the UK. We expect that the highest demand will be in and around the most densely populated cities and towns throughout the UK, with demand being highest in Greater London.

I’m concerned this will negatively impact my business if I join

InventoryBase originally launched as a product for professional inventory providers. We have supported this growing industry since 2008. If you’ve been with us for a while, you know we constantly strive to improve, not only InventoryBase, but with things like InventoryBase Academy, and we aim to both improve and protect the industry as a whole.

We see InventoryBase Workstreams as benefiting everyone involved…

As a National agent, for example:

  • National companies tend to want to work with national suppliers
  • Maintaining individual supplier relationships regionally requires a lot of admin
  • Sudden unavailability of suppliers can be detrimental to their reputation

As a supplier on Workstreams:

  • You have access to larger volume clients
  • You can reduce your sales and marketing costs and administration
  • You can grow your online presence and reputation
  • You can choose to accept only the jobs you are comfortable covering
  • You can get help from other local suppliers when you need it
  • You have a guarantee you’ll be paid for your service
  • We offer protection from late / poor paying clients
  • We help manage client relations with our dispute process
  • We offer dedicated support

For those with existing client relationships, you are free to deal with your clients as you always have. If you’d like to use InventoryBase’s Transactions module to benefit from our payment collection service, this will be available to you at a reduced fee of 3% + 25p.

I have further questions

We hope that this information provides you with the comfort that this will positively affect your business and be good for the industry as a whole.

We welcome any further questions or concerns you may have on this new service, your feedback helps us do better.

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