Introduction to Workstreams

KchieS83Slua4KhQeZDr Introduction to Workstreams

The guidance manual is to aid Workstreams users who are applying for jobs within the network by providing helpful advice and information to promote best practice across the network.   

The guidance includes information sections on:

  • Workstreams Booking Considerations
  • Reporting Processes
  • Administrative Considerations
  • Health & Safety
  • Dispute Considerations / Information
  • Supplier Information

The manual is a guide only and suppliers should ensure they are suitability qualified and competent to provide professional reports and or carry out the role of an inventory clerk.

For the purpose of this manual and for clarity; the clerk is referred to as the ‘supplier’.

The commissioner of the report (landlord, tenant, managing agent) is referred to as the ‘buyer’.

For inventory providers / clerks and those new to the industry

InventoryBase Academy has extensive information and guidance within our CPD accredited course Learn How To Produce Professional property Reports which covers all aspects of professional inventory reporting; visit InventoryBase Academy