Bringing it all together

Dictation is a skill that can be learned and built on as you gain experience as an inventory professional and practice is the key to getting the right terminology and control over your time and the cost of your time

And if I was asked to give one bit of advice it is this; the best way for you to learn and improve is to just start dictating.

But there are a few more useful steps to take that will help achieve your goal.

Plan: your template is the framework for your dictation so use the headers for each area (room), item and condition to prompt you as you dictate the property.

Speak clearly: take the time to ‘sync’ what you are saying with what you are thinking otherwise you will stumble over words, get ‘brain fog’ and end up taking more time than you hoped to save so slow down, think clearly and pace yourself.

Dictate the difficult bits: tell the typist the model numbers and names by breaking them down phonetically, dictate the function if you want specific breaks or paragraphs.

Typists are your friend: tell them what you need, what to do, how to do it and they will remember for each report going forward saving more time and being just as efficient as your dictation.

Dictate and repeat: repetition is key. The more you practice the more you rewire your thought process to ‘think dictation’.

Muscle memory: this is a real thing. It’s a form of procedural memory that involves consolidating a specific motor task into memory through repetition. And there is your key again; repetition.

Dictate, Learn, Repeat