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Garden Safety - Who Has The Duty Of Care?

A recent blog post has caught my eye as it relates directly to a template we have just added to the InventoryBase Template Library. The blog by @nearlylegal concerns the unfortunate accident of the tenant; Mrs R, who was mowing her front garden when she stepped backwards onto an inspection cover...


Is your age an automatic barrier to becoming an inventory clerk?

I can be found most evenings with my iPhone or iPad in hand scrolling through and catching up on various posts and working my way through (amongst others) LinkedIn threads and discussions on any number of topics as there is always something to be learnt from the wider business community; doesn't...


Fitness For Human Habitation (FFHH) - Are you service ready?

On the 20th December 2018 the Fitness For Human Habitation Bill received Royal Assent and is therefore now enshrined in law. There was a 3 month lead in period so as of 20th March 2019 this new legislation takes affect. Some background The Bill revives a clause which already exists in the...